Song of Solomon Chapter 2

Song of Solomon 2:1 I am a rose on the plain of Sharon, a lily in the valleys.

Song of Solomon 2:2 He says, My darling, among other women, you are like a lily among thorns!

Song of Solomon 2:3 She says, My lover, among other men, you are an apple tree among the wild trees in the forest!  I enjoy sitting in my lover’s shadow; his fruit is so sweet to my taste.

Song of Solomon 2:4 She said, My lover took me to a place where we can celebrate, and he shown me that he loves me.

Song of Solomon 2:5 Strengthen me with raisins; refresh me with apples, because I am weak with love.

Song of Solomon 2:6 My lover’s left arm is under my head, and his right arm holds me.

Song of Solomon 2:7 Women of Jerusalem, promise me by the gazelles and wild deer, don’t awaken love, don’t arouse love, until I he is ready.

Song of Solomon 2:8 She say, I hear my lover’s voice. Here it comes, jumping over the mountains, skipping over the hills.

Song of Solomon 2:9 She say, My lover is like a gazelle or a young deer. Look at him standing behind our wall, staring out the window, looking through the lattice.

Song of Solomon 2:10 She say, My lover speaks to me, Get up, my darling, my beautiful one. Let’s go away!

Song of Solomon 2:11 Look, winter is past, the rains have come and gone.

Song of Solomon 2:12 The flowers are blooming in the fields. It is time for the birds to sing. I can hear the doves coo in our land.

Song of Solomon 2:13 Young figs are growing on the fig trees. Smell the vines of gapes in bloom. Get up, my darling, my beautiful one. Let’s go away!

Song of Solomon 2:14 He says, You are like a dove among the rocks, a dove that is hiding behind high rocks.  I want to see you, and I want to listen to you.  Your voice is beautiful and you are beautiful.

Song of Solomon 2:15 She says, Catch the foxes for us even the little foxes that spoil the vineyard.  Our vineyard is now in bloom.

Song of Solomon 2:16 She says, My lover is mine, and I am his! My lover feeds among the lilies,

Song of Solomon 2:17 Until the day is over and the shadows are gone. my lover, you must come back. You must be like a gazelle, like a young deer on the Bether Mountains.