Psalms Chapter 59

Psalms 59:1 My God, please save me From my enemies, And protect me from the people who want to attack me.

Psalms 59:2 Save me from those evil people, and protect me from those who are after my blood.

Psalms 59:3 Look, there are strong men Waiting to attack me, But I have not sinned Or done anything wrong.

Psalms 59:4 I have done nothing against them, But they come to attack me. Lord, please look at what they are doing and help me.

Psalms 59:5 You are the Lord Who rules over all, The God of Israel. Come and punish all those people. Do not have mercy on those terrible and rebellious people. Paulse and think

Psalms 59:6 Those evil men are like dogs that come into town in the evening, growling and roaming the streets.

Psalms 59:7 Lord, Listen to their threats and insults. Their words hurt like sharp swords, and they don’t care who hears them.