Mark Chapter 16

Mark 16:1 After the Sabbath day, Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of James and Salome, bought some sweet-smelling spices to put on Jesus’ body.

Mark 16:2 Very early on that Sunday morning, the women were going to the tomb. It was very early after sunrise.

Mark 16:3 The women asked each other: Who will roll away the stone in front of the tomb?

Mark 16:4 The stone was very big, but when the women came there, they saw that someone had rolled the stone away.

Mark 16:5 The women went inside the tomb, and they saw a young man sitting on the right hand side. The young man had a long white robe. The women were afraid.

Mark 16:6 The young man said to the women; Do not be afraid. You are looking for Jesus of Nazareth who was killed on a cross. Jesus is risen and He lives again. Jesus is not here. Look, here is where Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus put his body.

Mark 16:7 Go and tell Jesus disciples and Peter: Jesus is going to Galilee.  Jesus is going before you. You must also go. You will see Jesus there as He told you.

Mark 16:8 The women ran away from the tomb. The women were very afraid and amazed. They did not tell anyone about what happened, because they were afraid.

Mark 16:9 Jesus rose from the dead and started to live again early on Sunday morning. Jesus first appeared to Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene was the woman who had had 7 demons in her before Jesus cast out the demons.

Mark 16:10 Mary Magdalene went to the disciples who followed Jesus and Mary Magdalene told them that Jesus had appeared to her. They were crying and mourning.

Mark 16:11 When Mary told them that Jesus was alive and that she had seen Jesus, the disciples did not believe Mary.

Mark 16:12 Later, Jesus appeared to two followers while they were walking in the country. But Jesus did not look the same as before he was killed.

Mark 16:13 The 2 disciples went back to the city and they told the other disciples but the other disciples did not believe them.

Mark 16:14 Later Jesus appeared to the 11 disciples when they were eating. Jesus rebuked the disciples because they had so little faith. They were stubborn and refused to believe the people who said Jesus had risen from death.

Mark 16:15 Jesus said to them, “Go throughout the whole world and preach the gospel to all people

Mark 16:16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved. But those who do not believe will be judged guilty.

Mark 16:17 And the people who believe will be able to do these things as proof: They will use my name to force demons out of people. They will speak in languages they never learned.

Mark 16:18 They will pick up snakes with their hands, and if they drink something poisonous, they will not become sick or die. They will put their hands on sick people and the sick will be healed.

Mark 16:19 After the Lord Jesus had said these things to his disciples, Jesus was carried up into heaven. There, Jesus sat at the right side of God.


Mark 16:20 The disciples went and they preached everywhere and the Lord worked with them. Jesus did miracles and powerful things to show that their message was true.