Genises Chapter 37

Genises 37:1 Jacob lived in the land of Canaan where his father Isaac had been a stranger before.

Genises 37:2 Here is the story of Jacob’s family. When Joseph was young, only 17 years old, he looked after his father’s sheep and goats with his brothers, the sons of his father’s wives Bilhah and Zilpah. Joseph told his father about the bad things that his brothers did.

Genises 37:3 Jacob’s other name was Israel.  Jacob loved Joseph more than all of his other sons because Joseph was born when Jacob was old.  Jacob gave Joseph  a special coat, that  had many colors

Genises 37:4 Joseph’s brothers saw that their father, Jacob loved Joseph more than them and they hated Joseph. Joseph’s brothers did not want to say anything good about him.

Genises 37:5 One night Joseph dreamed and Joseph told his brothers what he had dreamed. Then they hated him even more.

Genises 37:6 Joseph told his brothers: I dreamed a dream

Genises 37:7 Joseph said were tying bundles of wheat on the wheat field.  I dreamed that my bundle of wheat was standing upright and your bundles of wheat stood around my bundle and bowed before mine.

Genises 37:8 Joseph’s brothers said to him: Do you really think that you will be king and rule over us?  Joseph brothers hated Joseph even more after he told them about the dream that he had had.

Genises 37:9 Joseph dreamed again and Joseph told his brothers what he had dreamed. Joseph said: I dreamed again. I dreamed that the sun and the moon and 11 stars came and bowed before me.

Genises 37:10 Joseph told his father and his brothers what he had dreamed and his father was angry and rebuked Joseph and Jacob said to Joseph: Don’t tell us about dreams like that. It is not right that your mother and your brothers and I should come and bow down before you.

Genises 37:11 Joseph’s brothers were jealous of him, but his father thought a lot about these dreams

Genises 37:12 Joseph’s brothers had to look after their father’s sheep and goats near the town of Shechem.

Genises 37:13 Jacob said to Joseph: Your brothers are looking after the sheep and goats near the town of Shechem. You must go to them. Joseph said: Yes, Father, I will go.

Genises 37:14 Jacob told Joseph:  Go and see if everything is well with your brothers and with the sheep and goats. Go and look and come and tell me everything. So Jacob sent Joseph from the Hebron Valley and he went near the town of Shechem.

Genises 37:15 Joseph was walking in the field when a man saw Joseph. The man asked Joseph: What are you looking for?

Genises 37:16 Joseph said to him: I am looking for my brothers. Do you know where they are with their sheep and goats? If you know, please tell me.

Genises 37:17 The man said: They are no longer here. They went away from here. They said that they were going to Dothan. Joseph followed his brothers and he found them in Dothan.

Genises 37:18 While Joseph was still far from them, the brothers saw him coming. Before Joseph came to them, they made a plan to kill Joseph

Genises 37:19 Joseph’s brothers said to each other: Look, here comes the big dreamer.

Genises 37:20 Joseph’s brothers said Let us kill Joseph and throw him into a pit.  We can tell our father that a wild animal killed Joseph. Then we will show that all of his dreams meant nothing.

Genises 37:21 When Joseph’s brothers told Reuben about it, Reuben wanted to save Joseph. Reuben said: No, we must not kill Joseph.

Genises 37:22 And Reuben said unto Joseph’s brothers, Shed no blood, but cast him into this pit that is in the wilderness, and lay no hand upon him; that he might save Joseph out of their hands, to deliver him to his father again.

Genises 37:23 When Joseph came to his brothers, they took off his coat of many colors that Joseph was wearing.

Genises 37:24 Joseph’s brothers took Joseph and threw him into an empty well that was dry.

Genises 37:25 Joseph’s brothers sat down to eat, then Joseph’ brothers looked, and saw a group of Ishmaelites coming from Gilead. Their camels were carrying many different spices , balm and myrrh . The Ishmaelites wanted to sell their spices in Egypt.

Genises 37:26 Judah said to his brothers: We will have nothing if we kill our brother Joseph and keep quiet about it.

Genises 37:27 Let us sell Joseph to the Ishmaelites. We must not kill him. Remember, Joseph is our brother.  Judah’s brothers listened to him.

Genises 37:28 And when the merchants of Midian came near them, Joseph’s brothers took him out of the empty well and Joseph’s brothers sold Joseph to the Ishmaelites for 20 pieces if silver. The merchants took Joseph to Egypt.

Genises 37:29 When Reuben came back to the empty well and saw that Joseph was not in the well, he was very sad, and he tore his clothes.

Genises 37:30 Reuben went back to his brothers and asked them: The child is no longer there. where shall I go?

Genises 37:31 Joseph’s brothers killed a goat and took Joseph’s coat and put blood on it.

Genises 37:32 Joseph brothers sent Joseph’s coat of many colors to their father and told him: We found this coat.  See if it is your son Joseph’s coat.

Genises 37:33 Jacob looked at the coat and said: Yes, this is my son’s coat. A wild animal killed and ate him. My son Joseph has been eaten by a wild animal.

Genises 37:34 Jacob was very sad. Jacon tore his clothes and put on sack-cloth.  Jacob cried and mourned for Joseph for a long time.

Genises 37:35 All Jacob’s sons and daughters came to comfort him, but Jacob did not want them to comfort him. Jacob said: I will continue to mourn for Joseph until I die. Jacob cried a lot about Joseph.

Genises 37:36 The Midianites sold Joseph in Egypt to Potiphar. Potiphar.  Potipher was an officer of the king of Egypt and the captain of Pharaih’s palace guards.