Psalms Chapter 64

Psalms 64:1 O God, please listen to me. I ask You for help. I am afraid of my enemies, but please save my life.

Psalms 64:2 Sinful people are making plans against me.  Please protect me from them, from the people who hate me and always do bad things.

Psalms 64:3 They say things that hurt me like sharp swords, and their words wound me like arrows.

Psalms 64:4 They hide in places where no one can see them, and they shoot honest people. They are not afraid.

Psalms 64:5 They encourage each other to do things that are wrong. They plan to set traps, and they think no one can see them.

Psalms 64:6 They look for sinful and unfair things to do and they say: We have a good plan. We are clever and no one knows what we are going to do.

Psalms 64:7 But God will shoot them with his arrows, and He will suddenly wound them.

Psalms 64:8 He will use their own words against them, and they will be destroyed.  Then everyone who sees them and walk away.

Psalms 64:9 Then all people will fear God and will talk about the wonderful things that He has done. They will understand what it means.

Psalms 64:10 The people who live in the right way will rejoice and praise the Lord. They will trust in Him.  All those who want to do right will praise him!