Psalms Chapter 67

Psalms 67:1 God, please have mercy on us and bless us. Please smile at us and be good to us. Paulse and Think

Psalms 67:2 Let everyone on earth learn about you.  Let every nation see how you save people.

Psalms 67:3 God, let the nations praise You. All the people on earth should praise You.

Psalms 67:4 May all nations rejoice and be happy because God judge people fairly. God rule over every nation. Paulse and Think

Psalms 67:5 God, the nations should praise You.  All the people should praise You.

Psalms 67:6 The earth has given wheat and fruit. God, our God, You have blessed us.

Psalms 67:7 God bless us and may all people on earth fear and respect God.