Ruth Chapter 2

Ruth 2:1 Now Naomi had a relative of her husband, a man of great wealth and influence, from the family of Elimelech, whose name was Boaz.

Ruth 2:2 One day Ruth, the Moabite, said to Naomi, May I go to the fields. Maybe I can find someone who will be kind to me and let me gather the grain they leave in their field. Naomi said, Yes, my daughter, you may go.

Ruth 2:3 So Ruth went to the fields. She followed the workers who were cutting the grain and Ruth gathered the grain that was left. It happened that part of the field belonged to Boaz, the man from Elimelech’s family.

Ruth 2:4 Boaz came from the town of Bethlehem, and he said to his workers:  I pray that God will bless you.  And the worker said to Boaz: We pray that God will bless you also.

Ruth 2:5 Boaz looked at Ruth and asked the leader of the people who were cutting the barley:  Who does that young woman belong to ?

Ruth 2:6 The leader said:  Ruth is the young woman from the land of Moab who came back with Naomi.

Ruth 2:7 Ruth asked us if she could walk behind the people who cut the barley to pick up the barley that falls onto the ground. She has worked on the field from this morning until now. Ruth has not gone home to rest.

Ruth 2:8 Then Boaz said to Ruth:  Listen to me my daughter. Do not go and pick up barley on the field of another man. Do not go away from here. Stay here with the women who work for me.

Ruth 2:9 Look where the workers cut the barley and pick up the barley that falls onto the ground. Stay with the women who work for me. I have warned the young men not to bother you, and to be good to you. When you want to drink water, go and drink from the water jars that my workers filled with water.

Ruth 2:10 Ruth bowed down in front of Boaz and Ruth asked him Boaz.  Why are you so good to me? I am not from your people. I am a stranger from another land.

Ruth 2:11 Boaz said:  The people have told me all about the good things that you have done. When your husband died, you helped Naomi, and you did a lot of things for her. You went away from your father and your mother and your land. You came to stay with people that you did not know.

Ruth 2:12 Boaz said, The Lord will reward you for all the good things you have done. The Lord, the God of Israel, will pay you in full. You have come to him for safety, and he will protect you, as a mother chicken protects her babies under her wings.

Ruth 2:13 Ruth said: Sir, May I continue to find goodness from you, you have comforted me by speaking so kindly to me.  I am not one of the women who work for you, but you help me, and you are good and friendly to me.

Ruth 2:14 Boaz said to Ruth, when it is time to eat:  Come here. Take some of the bread and dip it in our vinegar.  Ruth sat down with the workers and Boaz gave her some roasted grain. Ruth ate until she was full and had some food leftover.

Ruth 2:15 Then Ruth went back to work to pick up barley.  Boaz told his servants; Let Ruth gather even around the piles of grain. Don’t stop Ruth or insult her.

Ruth 2:16 Boaz also said that the servants was to made Ruth work easier by dropping some full heads of barley for her. Let Ruth gather that also. Don’t tell her to stop or insult her.

Ruth 2:17 Ruth worked in the fields until evening. Then she separated the grain from the chaff. There was about 6 gallons of barley .

Ruth 2:18 Ruth carried the barley into town to show her mother in law what she had gathered. She also gave her the food that was left from lunch.

Ruth 1:19 Naomi asked Ruth: Where did you gather all this grain? Where did you work? Bless the man who noticed you.   Then Ruth told her who she had worked with. Ruth said, the man I worked with today is a man named Boaz.

Ruth 2:20 Naomi said to Ruth: The Lord bless him! He has continued showing his kindness to the living as well as the dead.” Then Naomi told her daughter in law, Boaz is one of our relatives. He is one of our protectors.

Ruth 2:21 Then Ruth, the woman from Moab, said to Naomi:  Boaz also said to me: You must stay with my workers until they have finished cutting all the barley.

Ruth 2:22 Naomi said to Ruth: Yes, my daughter in law, it will be good for you to go with the women who work for Boaz. The workers on another field could give you problems and tell you to go away.

Ruth 2:23 So Ruth worked near the women who worked for Boaz until they finished cutting all the barley and she stayed with Naomi in her house.