Psalms Chapter 90

Psalms 90:1 Lord, Lord, You have been our dwelling place, our refuge,  in all generations.

Psalms 90:2 You were God before the mountains were born, before the earth and the world were made. You have always been and will always be God!

Psalms 90:3 You cause people to die.  You say to us:  Go back and become dust again.’

Psalms 90:4 To you God, a thousand years is like yesterday, like a few hours in the night.

Psalms 90:5 You cause people to die, and their lives are as short as a dream that is gone in the morning.  It is like a plant that starts to grow.

Psalms 90:6 In the morning it grows quickly, but by night it dies and disappears.

Psalms 90:7 God Your anger could destroy us. Your anger frightens us!

Psalms 90:8 God. You know what we have done wrong. You see all the sins that we try to hide.

Psalms 90:9 Your anger can end our life.  Our lives fade away like a whisper.

Psalms 90:10 We live about 70 years or, if we are strong, 80 years.  But most of them are filled with hard work and pain.  Then, suddenly, the years are gone, and we fly away.

Psalms 90:11 No one has ever really known how angry You can become when people sin.  People should fear You when You are angry.

Psalms 90:12 Teach us how short our lives are so that we can become wise.

Psalms 90:13 O Lord from Your fierce anger; how long will it be?  Be compassionate toward Your servants change Your judgement.

Psalms 90:.14 Lord, Fill us with your love every morning.  Let us be happy and enjoy our lives.

Psalms 90:15 You have made us suffer for a long time. Please make us happy for as long as we have suffered.

Psalms 90:16 Let your servants see the wonderful things you can do for them.   And let their children see your glory.

Psalms 90;17 Lord, our God, please be good to us. Bless us and make us succeed in everything that we do. Let your blessings be with us.