Psalms Chapter 39

Psalms 39:1 I said, I will be careful about what I say.  I will not let my words cause me to sin.  I will keep my mouth closed when I am around wicked people.

Psalms 39:2 So I did not speak. I kept quiet, I did not even speak good, and it made me suffer even more.

Psalms 39:3 I was very angry, and the more I thought about it, the angrier I became. So, I said something.

Psalms 39:4 Lord, please tell me when I will die.  For how long will I still live?  Tell me how soon my life will be over.

Psalms 39:5 You have made my life very short, and all the days of my life are like nothing to You. Surely every person at their best is a puff of wind. Pause and think

Psalms 39:6 Our life is like an image in a mirror.  We rush through life collecting things, but we don’t know who will get them after we die.

Psalms 39:7 O Lord, what am I relying on? You are my only hope!

Psalms 39:8 Save me from all my sins, and don’t let fools make fun of me.

Psalms 39:9 I will not speak, and I will not say a word because my punishment is from you.

Psalms 39: 10 Please stop punishing me.  You will destroy me if you do not stop.

Psalms 39:11 You punish people for doing wrong to teach them the right way to live. As a moth destroys cloth, you destroy what people love. Yes, our lives are nothing. Pause and Think

Psalms 39:12 Lord, please listen to my prayer and my crying.  Look at my tears, and don’t look away from me because I am like a stranger to You, or like a visitor, like my forefathers who came to You for a short while.

Psalms 39:13 Leave me alone so I can smile again before I am gone and exist no more.