Psalms Chapter 63

Psalms 63:1 God, you are my God, and I want to be near You so I will seek you earl.  I want you like someone who wants water in a dry land where there is no water.

Psalms 63:2 I have seen your power and your glory, I also have seen you in your temple.

Psalms 63:3 Your love that will never change is better than life itself.  That is why with my lips I will praise you.

Psalms 63:4 I will thank You and praise You as long as I live. I will put my hands up to You and pray to You.

Psalms 63:5 My soul will be satisfied as with fat and rich food, and my mouth will praise you with joyful lips,

Ps 63:6 When I lie down on my bed and remember You, when I think of You all night long,

Psalms 63:7 I remember how You God has always helped and protected me like a hen protects her chicks, and I sing again.

Psalms 63:8 I want to stay near You. You keep me upright with your strong hand.

Psalms 63:9 But those people who want to kill me will die and go down to the deep places of the earth.

Psalms 63:10 They will be killed in war and wild foxes will eat them.

Psalms 63:11 But the king will be happy with his God, and those who promised to obey him will praise him when he defeats those liars.