1 Kings Chapter 17

1 Kings 17:1 Elijah was a prophet from the town of Tishbe in Gilead. He said to King Ahab, I serve the Lord, the God of Israel. By his power, I promise that no dew or rain will fall for 3 years. The rain will fall only when I command it to fall.

1 Kings 17:2 Then the Lord said to Elijah:

1 Kings 17:3 You must go away. Go east over the Jordan River and hide in the Kerith Valley.

1 Kings 17:4 You can drink water from the stream in the valley and I have told the ravens to bring you food.

1 Kings 17:5 Elijah did what the Lord told him. He went to the brook of Cherith, which is on the other side of the Jordan River.

1 Kings 17:6 Every morning and every evening the ravens brought him bread and meat and he had water from the stream in the valley.

1 Kings 17:7 It did not rain and later there was no more water in the Kerith Valley.

1 Kings 17:8 Then the Lord said to Elijah:

1 Kings 17:9 You must go to the town of Zarephath in the land of Zidon. Go and stay there. I have told a widow who lives there to give you food.

1 Kings 17:10 Elijah went to Zarephath and when he came to the gate of the town, a widow was there getting wood to make a fire. He called her and said: Please give me a jar of water to drink.

1 Kings 17:11 She went to get the water and Elijah said: Please bring me a piece of bread too.

1 Kings 17:12 She said: I do not have any bread. That is as true as the Lord your God lives. I have only a handful of flour in a jar and a little oil in a bottle. I am getting wood to make a fire to make the last meal for my son and myself, and then we will have no food and we will die.

1 King 17:13 Elijah said to her: ‘Do not fear. Go and do what you have said, but first make me a small loaf of bread and bring it to me, and then you can make bread for yourself and your son.

1 Kings 17:14 The Lord God of Israel says the jar of flour will not become empty and there will always be enough oil in the bottle until the day when the Lord makes it rain again in the land.

1 Kings 17:15 The widow went home and she did what Elijah told her and every day she had food to eat, she and Elijah and her family.

1 Kings 17:16 The jar of flour did not become empty and there was always oil in the bottle, as the Lord had told Elijah to tell her.