Psalms Chapter 69


Psalms 69:1 O God, please save me. The water has come up to my neck.

Psalms 69:2 I have sunk deep into the mud, and there is nothing that I can stand on. I have come into deep water, and the water flood flows over me.

Psalms 69:3 I am getting weak from calling for helpI My throat is dry. My eyes fail while I wait with confident for my God.

Psalms 69:4 There are more people who hate me than there are hairs on my head, but I have done nothing wrong, but they are my enemies. My enemies are strong and I am forced to restore what I did not steal.

Psalms 69:5 God, you know my faults. I cannot hide my sins from you.


Psalms 69:6 My Lord, God Almighty, there are people who believe in You. Please don’t let them be ashamed because of the wrong things that I have done. Don’t let your people be humiliated because of my sins.

Psalms 69:7 It is because I belong to You, my God that people say bad things to me and humiliate me.

Psalms 69:8 My own brothers don’t know me anymore, and I am like a stranger to my family.

Psalms 69:9 My strong love for your temple feels like a fire burning in me. My strong devotion to your Temple is destroying me.  Those who insult you are also insulting me.

Psalms 69:10 When I cried and fasted and humbled myself, they laughed at me.

Psalms 69:11 When I wear sackcloth to show my sorrow, they tell jokes about me.

Psalms 69:12 The people at the gate say bad things about me and the drunk people mock me by singing songs about me.

Psalms 69:13 But I will pray to You, O Lord. Please answer me and help me when You think the time is right. Your love never ends. You are a faithful God.

Psalms 69:14 Please save me from the mud, because I am going down into it. Please save me from those people who hate me. Please take me out of the deep water.

Psalms 69:15 Don’t let the water flood flow over me, don’t let the deep-water swallow me and don’t let the grave close its mouth over me.

Psalms 69:16 Lord, hear me when I cry to you for help.  Because of the goodness of your faithful love and because of your great kindness you will turn to me and help me!

Psalms 69:17 Lord, Do not turn away from your servant. I am in trouble, so hurry and help me.

Psalms 69:18 Come to me, come very near to me and set me free. Please save me from my enemies.

Psalms 69:19 You can see how they mock and humiliate me and what bad things they say to me. You know who my enemies are.

Psalms 69:20 I feel broken and weak because of all the things they have said to me. The shame makes me feel like dying! I looked for someone to feel sorry for me, but there was no one. I wanted someone to comfort me, but I found no one.

Psalms 69:21 When I asked for food, they gave me poison, and when I was thirsty, they gave me vinegar to drink.

Psalms 69:22 Please punish them when they are having a feast. When they think there is peace, let them fall into a trap.

Psalms 69:23 Make them blind so that they cannot see and make their legs lame so that they cannot walk.

Psalms 69:24 Show them how angry You are with them and don’t let them escape from You.

Psalm 69:25 Make their homes empty.   Don’t let anyone live there.

Psalms 69:26 They try to hurt people you have already punished.  They tell everyone about the suffering you gave them.

Psalms 69:27 Please punish them for everything that they have done wrong. Don’t say they are innocent and don’t forgive them.

Psalms 69:28Take their names out of the book of life and don’t write down their names with the names of the people who are righteous.

Psalms 69:29 But I am sorrowful and in pain; May Your salvation, O God, set me on high.

Psalms 69:30 I will sing and praise the name of God. I will tell everyone how great He is and thank Him for everything.

Psalms 69:31 This will please the Lord more than sacrificing an ox or giving Him an offering of a bull with horns and hooves.

Psalms 69:32 When the humble people see this, they will be happy. Those who seek God with all their heart live.

Psalms 69:33 The Lord listens when poor people pray to Him. His people who are prisoners do not reject.

Psalms 69:34 Heaven and earth must praise the Lord, and so must the sea and everything in it.

Psalms 69:35 God will save Zion and He will build the cities of Judah again. His people will live there and the land will belong to them.

Psalms 69:36 The descendants of his servants will inherit the land and the people who love his name.