Psalms Chapter 73

Psalms73:1 Yes its true, God is good to Israel.  God is also good to people

Psalms 73:2  Me? I almost stumbled and fell.  Yes, I almost fell into sin

Psalms 73:3 I saw how happy the rich, proud people and sinners are, and I became jealous of them.

Psalms 73:4 They are healthy.  They don’t have to struggle to survive.

Psalms 73:5 They don’t have trouble like other people, and nothing bad happens to them.

Psalms 73:6 Therefore pride is their necklace; Violence covers them like a garment.

Psalms 73:7 If they see something they like, they go and take it.  They do whatever they want

Psalms 73:8 They make fun of others and say cruel things about them.  In their pride they make plans to hurt people.

Psalms 73:9 They speak against God and everyone in heaven, and they say anything they want to about people on earth.

Psalms 73:10 People like to listen to what these people say.

Psalm 73:11 These people who do wrong think that God doesn’t know what they do, and they think the Most High God knows nothing.

Psalms 73:12 But all goes well for these sinful people. They are not worried and they become rich.

Psalms 73:13 Truly I have gain nothing by keeping my thoughts pure! What good is it to keep myself from sin?.

Psalms 73:14 I suffered all day long and I also am punished every morning.

Psalms 73:15 I wanted to tell other people these things, but if I had done that, I would have betrayed the people of God.

Psalms 73:16 I tried to understand this, but it was too hard for me.

Psalms 73:17 But when I went into the temple of God, I started to understand.

what will happen to those people who do wrong.

Psalms 73:18 Clearly, you have put them in danger. You make it easy for them to fall and be destroyed.

Psalms 73:19 You will destroy them suddenly.  Very bad things will happen to them and they will be gone.

Psalms 73:20 Then they will be like a dream that we forget when we wake up.  You will make them disappear like the monsters in our dreams.

Psalms 73:21 When I was sad and angry,

Psalms 73:22 I was stupid and did not understand, and I was like an animal before You.

Psalms 73:23 But I am always with You. You are holding my right hand.

Psalms 73:24 God, you will teach me what to do and You will lead me, and later you will lead me to glory

Psalms 73:25 I belong to You and there is nothing else that I want in heaven and on earth.

Psalms 73:26 When my body and my spirit become weak, it is You, O God, who are my Rock and my strength. You are everything that I want. You are mine forever.

Psalms 73:27 God, I know that everyone who is far away from You will die.  You will destroy all who are not faithful to you.

Psalms 73:28 But it is good for me to be near You, my Lord. I know that You will protect me. I will tell everyone what You have done.