Psalms Chapter 57

Psalm 57:1 O God, please have mercy on me, and be gracious because I ask You to protect me. I come and hide with You like chicks that hide under a hen’s wings until the danger is gone.

Psalm 57:2 I call and ask You to help me. You are the Most High God, the God who does everything for me.

Psalm 57:3 From heaven he helps me and saves me. He will punish the one who attacks me. Paulse and think.   God will send forth his unfailing love and truth.

Psalm 57:4 My enemies are like lions all around me lions that are hungry and want to kill. Their teeth are like spears and arrows. Their tongues and the things they say are like sharp swords.

Psalm 57:5 O God, please show everyone that You are the Great King in heaven and on earth. Let them see your glory.

Psalm 57:6 My enemies set a trap for my feet to bring me down. They dug a deep pit to catch me, but my enemies have fallen into it. Paulse and think

Psalm 57:7 My heart is yours, O God, my heart is yours: I will sing and give praise you.

Psalm 57:8 Wake up, my soul! Harps and psaltery, wake up, and let’s wake early.

Psalm 57:9 My Lord, I will praise you before all people. I will sing praises about you to every nation.

Psalm 57:10 Because your faithful love is higher than heaven, Your truths goes so far that it touches the clouds.

Psalm 57:11 Rise above the heavens, God. Let all the world see your glory.