Palms Chapter 79

Psalms 79:1 O God, people from other nations have come into the place that belongs to You.  They have made the holy temple impure. They have destroyed Jerusalem and only heaps of stones are left.

Psalms 79:2The people from other nations have given the dead bodies of your servants to the birds. The people from other nations have given the bodies of people who believed in You, God to wild animals to eat.

Psalms 79:3 The people from other nations have poured out the blood of your servants like water all over Jerusalem and there was no one to bury the dead.

Psalms 79:4 Our countries around us are laughing at us, and the people around us are mocking us.

Psalms 79:5 Lord, how long will You be angry with us? Will your jealousy continue to burn like a fire?

Psalms 79:6 Turn your anger against the nations that do not know you, against the people who do not honor you as God.

Psalms 79:7 Because they have killed the people of Jacob, and they have destroyed the homes of the Israelites.

Psalms 79:8 Please don’t punish us for sins that our grandfathers did or that we did long ago. Please be good to us soon, because we are suffering a lot.

Psalms 79:9 O God, You are our Saviour. Please help us so that everyone will know that You are God and praise your name. Please save us and forgive our sins so that everyone will honour You.

Psalms 79:10 Don’t give the people of other nations a reason to say, Where is their God? Can’t he help them?  Let us see you punish those people.  Punish them for killing your servants.

Psalms 79:11 Listen to the sad cries of the prisoners!  Use your great power to save those who are sentenced to die.

Psalms 79:12 Lord Punish the nations around us!  Pay them back seven times for what they did to us.  Punish them for insulting you.

Psalms 79:13 Then we, your people, your sheep, will thank You, and we will tell each generation to praise You forever.