Genesis Chapter 13

Genesis 13:1 Abram and Sarai took all the sheep and the things that they had and they went from the land of Egypt to the south of the land of Canaan. Lot went with them.

Genesis 13:2 Abram was very rich. He had a lot of cattle, sheep and goats and Abram also had a lot of silver and gold.

Genesis 13:3 Abram continued traveling around. Abram went back to Bethel. He went to the place between the city of Bethel and Hai where he and his family had camped before

Genesis 13:4 The first time that Abram had been there, he had built an altar. Now he prayed to the Lord at the altar.

Genesis 13:5 Lot was with Abram and Lot also had sheep, goats, cattle and tents.

Genesis 13:6 There was not enough grass and food for all Abram and Lots animals, because they had too many animals, so they could not stay together.

Genesis 13:7 Then the shepherds of Abram and the shepherds of  Lot started to fight. At that time the people of the land of Canaan and Perizz were still living in the land.

Genesis 13:8 Abram said to Lot: ‘We are family. We must not fight and the people who work for us must not fight with each other.

Genesis 13:9 This land is big enough. It will be better if we separate. If you go to the left, then I will go to the right. If you go to the right, then I will go to the left. Lot, you can choose.

Genesis 13:10 Lot looked and saw the whole Jordan Valley. Lot saw that there was much water there. (This was before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. At that time the Jordan Valley all the way to Zoar was like the Lord’s Garden. This was good land, like the land of Egypt.)

Genesis 13:11 So Lot chose to live in the Jordan Valley. The two men separated, and Lot began traveling east.

Genesis 13:12 Abram stayed in the land of Canaan but Lot took his sheep near to the towns of the valley and he put up his tents near the city of Sodom.

Genesis 13:13 In Sodom the people did very bad things and they sinned a lot against the Lord.

Genesis 13:14 After Abram and Lot had separated, the Lord said to Abram:  You must look around you, to the north, to the south, to the east and to the west.

Genesis 13:15 I will give you and your family all the land that you can see. This land will be your land and your family’s land forever.

Genesis 13:16 I will give you lots of family, so many that no one will know how many there are. There will be as many as the grains of sand on earth.

Genesis 13:17 You must now walk through the whole land and look at it because I am going to give this land to you.

Genesis 13:18 Then Abram took his tents and he went to stay near the big trees of Mamre near the city of Hebron, where he built an altar to worship the Lord.